kengshun's portfolio

branding /story telling

people love stories, and videos are probably the best “tool” for us to adapt into the story. every brand has a story behind; and every story has their own inspirations, philosophy and motive that bring them from start to today. and here are what i have previously worked to help my clients to tell theirs.

Video 1 - SS

/product /service /showcase

here are some products / services showcase videos that i have done before for client or for demonstration concepts by myself! i’m specialized in short cinematic-advertising videos and focused in the objective of catching the viewers’ attention.


some minimal style tutorial videos that i’ve made previously for clients. now it’s all about food and i’m looking forward to create more than just food!


these are the videos that could possibly represent me and the state of mind. into the lifestyle of minimalist and has been trying to make up my mind to express more in the simplest way… and tell more “story” in the mean time.